NORFOLK - A tractor-trailer and an armored car collided in Norfolk Friday morning, sending both vehicles into a business.

It happened around 10:00 a.m. in the 6200 block of Tidewater Drive, forcing police to close the northbound lanes at Norview Avenue for more than two hours. 1 lane going north reopened around noon; all southbound lanes were open.

Police spokesman Officer Chris Amos said its appears the tractor-trailer was making a wide turn right to to get into Carroll Trucking Company, when the armored truck came up in the right hand lane and was it the drive's blind spot.

The tractor-trailer driver, who works for C A Perry & Sons Transportation in Hobbsville, NC., was issued a summons for making an improper right hand turn.

A search of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration database shows the company has a string of safety violations over the past two years.

According to federal records, police have pulled the company's trucks and drivers off the road 14 times for serious violations since August 2011.

Violations include a disqualified driver operating a truck in January 2012, multiple citations for turn signals that don't work, including a citation in February 2013 and a truck that was found to have a cracked wheel and an outdated brake system in July 2012.

A representative for C A Perry & Sons said the company's safety numbers are good.

Capt. Mike Hicks with the Norfolk Fire and Rescue told that the two people in the armored car were being treated for injuries and should recover.

Carroll Trucking was evacuated as a precaution. City inspectors will determine when it's safe for employees to return.

Hicks says wreckers worked to clear the vehicles and fire units contained diesel fuel that had spilled from the tractor-trailer.

A second armored car arrived and took the contents of the crashed vehicle.

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