CHESAPEAKE -- Some residents living in Western Branch say they are concerned that widening one stretch of roadway to four lanes will make it more dangerous.

Residents say Bruce Road is already loaded with heavy traffic.

Looking up and down Bruce Road, Charlie Ferguson spoke of his fears of making what he considers a dangerous stretch of road even more hazardous.

'A year ago, a neighbor from this community died just behind me and part of it had to do with the dangerous road situation,' said Ferguson.

After a fatality in 2011, the city dropped the speed limit to 35 mph.

'So within a quarter mile of where we're standing is Western Branch High School. This is the primary road where they come. The buses, right now, when they pull out on these streets, have a difficult time crossing,' Ferguson said.

Chesapeake Public Works Director Eric Martin says it will be years before the road is widened.

'We are not saying we are going to widen these roads in the next ten or twenty years, but probably thirty years from now we will probably want to widen them, and we just want the space to be able to do that,' said Martin.

The city also plans to alleviate congestion at the Bruce Road and Taylor Road intersection.

The Chesapeake Planning Commission invites residents to attend a hearing Wednesday night at City Hall to voice their concerns over the future developments of roads.

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