CHESAPEAKE -- Some residents at Chesapeake Crossing apartment complex, a senior citizen community, say they keep tripping and falling because of a serious maintenance oversight at their building.

Francis Arrington, 72, broke her leg and arm after she fell on September 2. She tripped over frayed carpet on the balcony near her unit.

'When I went this way, my foot went under the carpet and lifted up and I hit the floor,' says Arrington. She says this is the third time she's fallen for the same reason over the last couple years.

Karen Cuffee, 60, says she's fallen twice. The most recent incident happened July 16 when her foot got caught in a tear in the carpet and she came down on her knee. She was treated for a knee contusion at Chesapeake General Hospital.

Cuffee wonders why a complex filled with senior citizens would have carpet that tears easily every time it rains. She feels like their complaints are being ignored.

The complex is managed by the Chesapeake Redevelopment and Housing Authority.

Executive Director Brenda Willis admits more should be done to correct the problem.

'Our tactic thus far has been to repair where we can. Some carpet out there has been replaced,' Willis said.

Willis says she plans to visit the complex to help come up with better fix. 'At the end of the day, we can't have our residents getting hurt.'

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