12:30pm UPDATE: Victoria Jurgensen, Daniel Cain's mother, says doctors have removed a tube from his lung and have been getting him to wiggle his toes and open his eyes on command. Her son remains in critical condition.

GLOUCESTER - A Gloucester man missing for five days was found injured but alive Monday afternoon.

28-year-old Daniel Cain crashed his motorcycle off of Hickory Fork Rd. and slid into the underbrush and hit several trees.

Cain was found about 15 yards from the road and completely obscured from the roadway. He was airlifted to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital with serious injuries.

Family members say Cain had been missing since he went for a ride Wednesday. He didn't show up for work on Thursday. They didn't know where he was or that he had been in accident. They reported him missing to the Gloucester County Sheriff'sOffice.

Cain's girlfriend, Kelly Green, and another friend, Katrina Welch, went looking for him over the weekend.. After several days of frustration and fear, they happened upon him Monday afternoon.

'I touched him to see if he was cold or not, and he was red hot,' said Green. 'I ran out of the woods screaming 'call 911.' I stayed with him saying please fight, hold on, an ambulance is coming.'

Cain's mother, Victoria Jurgensen, said her son is a fighter.

'If it wasn't for them he wouldn't have made it through the night last night. He would probably me in the morgue today,' said Jurgensen.

Cain is recovering at the hospital with a broken collar bone and other injuries. Welch says the doctors told them that Cain would not have lasted another night in the woods.

'We just thank God that we found him alive,' said Welch.

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