YORK COUNTY- York County is dealing with a messy nuisance.

Turkey and Black Vultures are making their home in the land of the Home of the Falcons, York High School. Like clockwork, each night at dusk, dozens of vultures roost on a cell phone tower that's located on the high school's property.

'... One of the problems that they're doing for us right now is their excrement and their vomit is very acidic, it's causing damage to our vans it's causing damage to our buses and our sidewalk here.We've had staff that walk on the sidewalk and they've been known to get occasionally hit from time to time. So we obviously want to stop that,' said spokesman Greg Dolak.

An electronic solar-charged animatronics owl has been perched on the tower to try to scare the birds away, but it doesn't seem to work.

Now school officials are trying pyrotechnics to scare the birds away. Tuesday night, the loud noisemakers were used. The first time, the birds flew away only to return a few minutes later. The loud, noisemaker plastic guns that shoot flares and make an explosive noise were used a second time with more success.

'We hope to continually harass them to the point that they'll choose another area and go on and do their thing somewhere else. So far it hasn't worked,' Dolak noted.

The pyrotechnics will be used again Wednesday and Thursday nights this week.

If the noisemakers don't work, school officials plan to ask the United States Department of Agriculture what to try next since the birds are federally protected.

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