NEWPORT NEWS - Williamsburg-based Beyond Boobs will unveil the new 'Double Exposure: 2014 Calendar to Live By' Saturday at its annual Pink Carpet Gala.

The calendar features breast cancer survivors who tell their stories to inspire other women to take charge of their health. It's also filled with information on early detection, risk factors and more.

Ms. February, Holly Siegle,explains the thought behind the 'Double Exposure' title.

'Double exposure is about taking two disparate photos and putting them together to create one image. The same can be said about living after having breast cancer. You have the time before diagnosis and the time after, and you have to figure out how to put both times together to create your life now,' she says.

The event will be held Saturday, September 21 at 6:30 p.m. at the Hellenic Center on Traverse Road in Newport News.

Calendars are available for purchase after Saturday. To buy one or find out more about the gala, go to the Beyond Boobs Website or call 757-645-2649.

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