UPDATE:City Council voted 9-to-1 to approve the mosque.
Before the vote, opponents told Council the facility would attract more cars and traffic to the rural area and said there were already two large churches in the area.
The vote triggered shouts of anger and disappointment and some people warned they'd work to vote out the members who supported the mosque.
The lone opponent was Councilman Bill DeSteph.

VIRGINIA BEACH-Some Va. Beach residents don't want a mosque in their neighborhood.

'I have deep concerns about the proposed Islamic mosque in Virginia Beach. It is well known that mosques are the recruiting and training ground for radical Islamists and terrorists,' Atwood Brooks wrote.

'This proposed mosque is something Virginia Beach citizens should think twice about. NYC police monitor the sermons there as they often contain messages which incite and co-ordinate violence against citizens,' Cyndy Welde wrote.

Plans place the Crescent Community Center's 12,300-square-foot mosque near the intersection of Landstown and Salem roads. The centerhas a contract to buy the property and the city planning commission recommended approving the conditional-use permit needed to build it.

Some city councilmembers said they'd received emails from people who wanted them to say no to the development. One of the emails said, 'If you are receiving this email you are one of the few Americans that understand the seriousness of the threat against our nation by the Islamists,' Dorothy Schultz wrote.

The non-profit religious organization offers prayer session and Sunday school and already has mosques in Hampton on Tide Mill Lane and in Norfolk on W 49th St.

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