HAMPTON -- The end of the government shutdown meant 3800 workers at NASA Langley Research Center were back to work Thursday.

Rob Wyman, who was furloughed for 16 days, said he couldn't wait to get back.

'I have worked here a long time and was getting frustrated not being able to do my job,' said Wyman.

They will get back-pay, but that does not help current expenses. Workers expect to find out in a day or two when that money will show up in their paycheck.

Many of these federal employees will be eligible for a one percent pay raise in January.

Bojangles Restaurant is near NASA Langley and caters heavily to their workers, even giving a ten percent discount to NASA Langley employees and local military.

'Our business dropped off so much during the past two weeks. We are so excited to be crowded again at lunchtime,' said Bojangles manager Charles Smith.

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