What is it? An outlet strip that swivels to redirect power so you can safely slide all your furniture back.

What does it claim? To create extra space where you need it most. Just plug it in, pivot and power up!

Who tested it? Brittany Knight, she's a receptionist at One Life Fitness in Chesapeake

What Are The Instructions? The first thing you need to do is plug the properly grounded power cords in the provided receptacles. The Side Socket features and internal protection circuit that will disconnect the surge protective component in the event of a power surge that exceeds the load of a circuit. Once the surge protective circuit has been disconnected, the product will no longer protect against power surges, although, it will still function as a power strip. In this situation, the 'protected' LED will go out, indicating that the device is no longer protected from the power surges. If this situation is undesirable for the applications, follow the manufacturer's instructions for replacing the device. Never remove the grounding prong or modify the plug on Side Socket in any way. Do not use adapter plugs. Check with a qualified electrician if you are in doubt as to whether the outlet is properly grounded. You should never expose the Side Socket to rain, wet or damp conditions. Water entering this product will increase the risk of electrical shock. The Side Socket must be properly installed before connecting to the power supply. Do not use this product in combination with an extension cord.

Did it work? Our tester thought it was pretty impressive. Her office isn't big and with her current outlet she didn't have the opportunity to move furniture around. She thought she might bend her power cords if the furniture pressed up against it. But with Side Socket she didn't have to worry about that.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase the Side Socket for $9.99 at Walmart.

Additional Comments: There is a big warning at the top of the Side Socket instructions that says failure to follow the instructions that come with the product may result in either shock, fire and/or serious injury.

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