NORFOLK -- After seven years, $60,000 on six failed in vitro fertilization cycles and five surgeries, Chris and Candace Wohl learned that she could not carry their baby.

The couple is now paying a friend of relative to host their baby and documented their journey in their blog.

Candace beamed her contagious smile and said, 'We have our surrogate. The contract is signed.'

It will cost the couple at least another $50,000 and they're now penny-pinching and fundraising.

'We're driven to have a family. This what we have committed to,' Chris said.

No infertility journey is the same.

Lindsey Haggerty's is pregant after one IVF treatment.

Lindsey's struggle lies in keeping her diabetic type one body pregnant.

The ulstrasound of the daughter she tried to have for years reminds her to keep her blood sugar stable.

'It just makes me that more vigilant about it,' Lindsey said.

Her doctor is EVMS OBGYN Margarita de Veciana, who specializes in diabetic patients.

She has told Lindsey that low sugar in the first trimester could mean neurological damage to the baby.

Lindsey tests her blood glucose 12 times a day with a prick of her finger. Her husband does it for her in the middle of the night, when lows are most dangerous, and allows her to sleep.

Lindsey finds support in her identical twin sister, Courtney. Former PCOS/Fertility patient and type-one diabetic, Courtney is also pregnant with her first baby.

Their support for each other keeps their stress down. If stress levels go up, so does their blood sugar. Both families insist that infertility is not a journey to walk feeling alone.

'I wish that I would have reached out for support in the very beginning,' says Candace.

Her husband looks at her and agrees while she's speaking with a head nod. He insists that while the struggle is personal, keeping it private did them more harm then good.

'When Candace and I kept everything inside, we were protecting ourselves, but we're also preventing ourselves from learning anything,' said Chirs

And through the support group Resolve, they've met hundreds walking in their shoes.

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