11/1 UPDATE: Rick Story was bitten as he helped owner Richard Shiflett get some of the monkeys back to the garage where they're kept.
'It really did a number on my thumb. It ripped it right here, and right here .. Tried to rip it right off I think,' he said.

Shiflett says he's owned the monkeys for several years, but he'll give them up.
'I'm pretty much getting older now and they need to be in a sanctuary. It's just something that happens, it's like a dog getting loose or something else,' he said.

The surviving monkeys are under a 10-day quarantine.
The deceased monkey is being tested for rabies.

MOYOCK, NC -- One man was injured after four pet Capuchin monkeys escaped in Moyock, North Carolina Thursday afternoon.

According to Currituck County Sheriff Susan Johnson, the monkeys escaped their enclosure at a home in Wedgewood Lakes around 11:30 a.m. and attacked a man.

The victim drove himself to the hospital but will probably need stitches, Johnson said.

The homeowner told police the monkeys would become vicious if they were cornered.

Police captureD two of the monkeys. One monkey was tranquilized and later died. The fourth monkey was shot by a sheriff's deputy but is still alive, Johnson said.

The three monkeys are now in custody of Animal Control and the investigation continues.

The public in the area received a reverse 911 call to be cautious and report any sightings. The school was also notified.

Johnson doesn't believe the homeowner will face any charges.

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