UPDATE 3/27/14: Torres was found guilty on his DUI charge Thursday. He was sentenced to serve one month in jail along with other statutory requirements.

The abduction charge is certified to go to the grand jury on April 7.

UPDATE 11/13: The judge denied bond for Ruben Torres. His DUI case and the abduction charge have been combined into one case that will be heard in Juvenile Court from now on. His next court appearance is set November 27.
According to the Commonwealth's Attorney office, Torres' BAC level when pulled over by police was .21. His previous convictions in Massachusetts are: 1988 rape of a child under the age of 16 and 2007 indecent exposure.

VIRGINIA BEACH -- Police arrested a person they say tried to grab 6-year-old boy from a flea market in a church parking lot Saturday.

Officers say the boy wandered away from his parents at Thalia United Methodist Church on Virginia Beach Boulevard. Someone saw a stranger guiding the boy away from the flea market taking place in the lot.

The 6-year-old's parents confronted the stranger who got into a car and left.

Beach officers stopped him a short time later and arrested him.

52-year-old Ruben Torres of Chesapeake is charged with abduction and DUI.

13News Now confirmed Torres was convicted in Massachusetts in 1990 of raping a child.

No one answered the door at Torres' home on Homecrest Boulevard Sunday evening.

A longtime acquaintance of Torres said there is nothing to indicate he would hurt a child. She added that she believes he was the victim, not the perpetrator, in the case in Massachusetts.

He is in the Virginia Beach Correctional Center, listed as 'not bondable.'

Torres should be arraigned Tuesday.

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