UPDATE 11/14: Police released a statement about the incident today: Police said the kids ran home after being approached by a, 'white man with blue eyes, black hair and pointy nose.

The kids ran back home and told their mother, which police say was the correct thing to do.

Police were unable to locate the man, who neighbors say had not been seen in the area before.

Officers advised parents in the area to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity at or near bus stops.

Police said while the specific intent of the man is unknown, 'there is no evidence of an attempted abduction.'

All NN officers have been instructed to be extra attentive in the area of school bus stops because of recent reports of suspicious activity.

NEWPORT NEWS -- Parents of a Newport News fourth grader say their son was approached by a stranger on his way to his bus stop Monday morning, school officials said Wednesday.

According to Newport News Public School spokeswoman Michelle Price, the B.C. Charles Elementary student was approached by an unknown man on Monarch Drive. The stranger reportedly asked the child to help him find his dog and offered him candy.

A phone message was sent to parents from the school letting them know of the incident. The principal reminded students to walk in groups and avoid talking to strangers.

Price said the message also advised children who see anything suspicious or uncomfortable to tell an adult.

Police have not released any information about the incident.

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