If electronics are on your Christmas wish list this year, you may be in luck. Sales of electronics are expected to be up this holiday season for the first time in three years and consumers are remaining cautious. In order to reelin the shoppers, retailers are slashing prices. Walmart is said to be ordering 65% more televisions and twice as many tablets for Black Friday this year than it did last year. The world's largest retailer also plans to sell them at low prices.

Do you like a burger done your way? Here's some news for you and it's not from Burger King. McDonald's is testing custom-made burgers in two spots,Laguna Niguel, California, and Romeoville, Illinois. Diners can choose from more than 20 toppings and sauces, including caramelized onions, grilled mushrooms and guacamole. McDonald's says sales have slowed a bit lately and it hopes this new concept will help the chain appeal to younger consumers who seem to have an interest in customization.

Loved ones who hate to be apart can now get jewelry to help shorten the distance. It's a wristband called 'Tap Tap.' It allows users to communicate just by tapping their wrists. It looks a little like a slap bracelet, but it retails for a lot more. A pair of the hi-tech bracelets will cost you $130.

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