Dear Readers:

Thanks so much to all of you who have shared some of your positive experiences at work. It has been so heartwarming and uplifting to read every single one of them. Please continue to send them to me via email at or my Facebook page through the month of December.

For those of you who may have missed my request, a little while ago, I asked for all of you to share some of the good things you have experienced at work. Given the nature of my advice column, I typically hear about negative situations, so in honor of the holiday season, I thought it would be real nice to hear about the good things you have experienced. The following are a couple more I have received:

Dear Roze:
I've worked at places where management has causes that are important to them and thinks these are causes all of us employees should contribute to. This often happens during the holiday season. I think it's good to give to non-profits. That's not my issue. My issue is the way management expects employees to give to what is important to them and for us to make that donation through the company versus as an individual donation. Now, I work for a company that puts up a 'giving tree' and asks each of us to make a personal donation to a place that means something to us, and we don't have to reveal how much we gave. We're just supposed to hang an ornament on this tree that reflects what non-profit we gave to. So, if I gave to an animal shelter, I would hang an animal ornament; or if I gave to the American Heart Association, I would put up a heart ornament. More companies should do this!

Giving to what is important to me

Dear Giving to what is important to me:

This 'giving tree' is wonderful! I love it! If others are not already doing something similar to this, I hope they will start! Thank you for sharing this!

Dear Roze:

Here's my feel good story. I think about this every December, and not because it's the holiday season but because it's my birthday month. Every year I hear from one of my old bosses on my birthday. I haven't worked for her in over 12 years, but she wishes me a happy birthday every year and it really means a lot to me. I had a very hard time working for her. I thought she was tough, way too picky, and demanding. I realize now I was immature back then. I have found that everything she expected of me has helped me get the jobs I've applied for and helped me deal with the bosses I've had since her. I really like her now and can appreciate the way she was. I'd actually be upset if I didn't get an email from her on my birthday.

Appreciative now

Dear Appreciative now:

I love your story! I truly hope you have shared your feelings with this boss. I have no doubt it would mean a great deal to her. On a side note, Happy Birthday!

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