NORFOLK -- A building located near the Midtown Tunnel, which is owned by Norfolk Plumbing, began to crumble last Thursday. When fire officials arrived they condemned the property.

Owner Jeff Hux says he has had issues for six months, ever since construction began on the second crossing at the Midtown Tunnel.

'Computer monitors vibrate. If you have a bottle of water on your desk the water is vibrating. Even the little chain on my desk lamp will move. So, we're getting a lot of vibration here it's not just a little bit,' said Hux.

The building was constructed in 1996 and was structurally sound according to Hux.

Festevents had been leasing the building from Hux and stored a lot of their equipment, including posters and records.

'Four engineering firms are looking at this and none of them have seen anything like this and one of them is on the FEMA Task Force,' said Hux.

A group from SKW Constructors, the firm constructing the second crossing, came out and have been assessing the damages.

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