CHESAPEAKE -- The effects of a nationwide data security breach involving Target stores is being felt in Hampton Roads.

'Out of nowhere, two days ago, I find out I got charges from Atlanta, Georgia,' said Jeremy Cross of Chesapeake.

Cross told 13News Now he used his Navy Federal Credit Union debit card on Black Friday, the first day of a widespread hacking event that has affected nearly 40 million Target customers.

Navy Federal Credit Union notified Cross his card had been compromised with more than 400 dollars worth of fraudulent charges showing up on his account.

On Friday, the Target acknowledged debit card personal identification numbers (PINs) along with other information also had been stolen. Despite that, the company said that information should be useless to hackers because it was encrypted, requiring a third party with proper codes to decrypt it.

Angela Hobbs of Chesapeake felt her privacy was violated when someone hacked her child support debit card and maxed it out all the way in Great Britain.

'That's my child's money, that's money to take care of her,' said Hobbs. 'I use it for school and to buy her what she needs and now im out a hundred dollars.'

Both Cross and Hobbs say they are still waiting to be reimbursed for the fraudulent charges.

On Monday, Target announced the Department of Justice has joined a forensic and criminal investigation into the data theft.

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