NORFOLK - Holiday travel is ending with frustration for many people at Norfolk International Airport.

The weather was delaying, even canceling, departures and arrivals Thursday.

'I can't have this,' said Larry Green. 'I can get out of Norfolk, but I'm worried I'll get stuck in New York.'

Green will be connecting flights up north for a much longer trip to Afghanistan.

By noon, two flights to New York had been canceled. Some flights to Chicago and Washington D.C. were also going nowhere because of incoming weather.

'We didn't expect to see a delay just going to D.C.,' said Doug Linsz, who lives in Virginia Beach.

Linsz told 13News Now the plane his son would take to the nation's capitol was delayed out of Chicago.

If you're expecting to take off during this winter storm or are expecting people to fly in, airport officials advise you to contact that specific airline to check the flight's status.

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