VIRGINIA BEACH-A seagull nursed back to health is getting a new home.

'Gulliver' the herring gull was spotted stuck in power lines over the Lesner Bridge in September. He was stuck there for three days but was finally freed by crews with Dominion Power and treated by the Va. Beach SPCA. That care included having to amputate his broken wing.

After the initial recovery, Gulliver was transferred to the Virginia Aquarium for rehab and has been in quarantine since then.

The Aquarium veterinarian finally said Gulliver was recovered enough to be released to the netted Aviary exhibit.

Gulliver currently weighs nearly two pounds and dines on a variety of food items including capelin, smelt, shrimp, krill, beef, mice, superworms, night crawlers and minnows, officials said.

Once in the Aviary Thursday morning, staff expects him to 'hang out' with the laughing gull currently on exhibit.

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