UPDATE: Portsmouth Fire-Rescue Chief Jim Hoffler says the weight of the snow was a factor in the deck collapse.
Mary Strothers says it sounded like a tractor-trailer hit her home when the porch roof collapsed. She was asleep when it happened.
Her husband was out shoveling snow out back yesterday. She's grateful he wasn't out there this morning.
Chief Hoffler said if your deck is built to code and well maintained, it should be able to handle the weight of more than two feet of snow.
He warned if you haven't maintained your roof or porch awnings, you could be at a greater risk for a collapse.
Fire crews haven't seen any roof collapses with the storm.


PORTSMOUTH - People in a Portsmouth home were evacuated because of a gas leak caused by the collapse of the porch.

Fire and Rescue crews were called to the home at 1115 Lakeview Drive before 5 a.m. Friday. Authorities say the porch caved in and fell on a gas line.

As a precaution, the people inside the home had to leave so crews could cap the leak and make sure it was safe for them to return.

No one was hurt.

It's not clear what caused the porch to give way.

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