It's not what any driver wants to hear. AAA says the price of gas is going up. As refineries start to shut down for winter maintenance ,it's predicted the nationwide average will peak between $3.55 and $3.75 per gallon.

The Food and Drug Administration is out with some new requirements to ensure the safety of infant formula. They're designed tomake sure that formula makers test their products for salmonella and other bacteria before they are distributed.

Hold onto your business card - it's about to go hi-tech. Touch Base Technologies has designed a new line of cards which can transfer information to an iPhone just by tapping the screen with the card. The new card will also hold a lot more information than you can put on your typical business card. That includes videos and photos.

Speaking of the iPhone, Apple says when you interact with 'Siri,' your voice is stored. The company claims voices are collected to sharpen Siri's voice recognition, but critics say it's a violation of privacy.

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