It's a big buy for Facebook. The social-networking firm has just snapped up the mobile messaging service WhatsApp for a whopping 19-billion dollars in cash and stock. WhatsApp is an alternative to the traditional text messaging service. The numbers show it's also more popular than Twitter with 450-million monthly users.

Gap employees get ready for a raise. The clothing chain is going to raise the minimum hourly wage for its US employees to $9 this year and $10 next year. The increases will affect about 65-thousand employees. Gap Inc's stores also include Banana Republic and Old Navy. The move comes as President Obama is urging Congress to raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour.

So are you really attached to your smartphone? So attached that you need to have it with you in the shower? Well if that's the case them you might want to check out 'HOYO.' The $25 waterproof smartphone holder lets us listen to your playlist or check your email all while your getting clean.

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