VIRGINIA BEACH -- The world of facial rejuvenation, without surgery, just improved. That 'fast food' want-it-now mentality is finding its way into med spas and doctor's offices across the country with the FDA approval of a new facial filler.

'It's like a cup of coffee for your face,' exclaims Denise Scaglione.

Scaglione, a mom and breast cancer survivor, is trying Juvederm Voluma XC.The 49-year-old says she started noticing her skin losing its elasticity when she turned 40. It was no longer firm and youthful looking. So, she decided to get the Voluma injections so she didn't have that tired look.

Dr. David McDaniel at the Laser and Cosmetic Center in Virginia Beach calls the approval of the facial filler a significant step toward full, non-surgical facial regeneration.

'We can do lips, we can do noses, eye-lashes, we can do wrinkles, we can remove age spots, but until now, what we couldn't really do very well was restore volume and lift with out surgery,' he says.

Dr. McDaniel says Voluma XC has been used since 2005 in 60 countries across Europe, Canada and South America, but it was just approved in the states in late November 2013. He's been working with the injectable gel filler for some time though, through colleagues in Europe and Canada, to master the technique. He says it involves quite a bit of artistry.

'We literally, in real time, can see what we're doing. So, if one side of your face is a little lopsided, we can sit there and correct that through sculpting,' explains McDaniel.

Voluma XC promises to instantly add volume to all three areas of the cheek -- the apex, apple and hollow. Its makers say it gives patients a more youthful profile.

Dr. McDaniel calls it the closest thing you can get to a facelift without going under the knife.

'So, we basically lose volume, the skin on your face sags, re-drapes. We look old, tired and not rested. Juvederm Voluma is the first FDA-approved filler to restore and correct the volume loss in your cheek and the cheek volume loss is the key to facial aging,' McDaniel explains.

Before the injections, the patients face is numbed with a topical analgesic.

Side effects include minor swelling and possible bruising at the injection sites.

Dr. McDaniel says the injections are a good alternative to facelifts for people who don't want surgery or the expense and downtime.

Scaglione was in the office for under an hour and saw results as soon as Dr. McDaniel finished the injections.

'I should see my daughter, right? Oh now, that looks great, this is so much better. I like that, I like the drive-through facelift,' she stated.

Dr. McDaniel says with Juvederm Voluma, less is more and it's long lasting.

'It lasts about twice as long as the current fillers and it doesn't cost twice as much and I think the other important point is that it doesn't take as many syringes to create the same or greater effect,' he says.

He adds most young or middle-aged patients are getting one or two syringes at a cost usually costs under $1,000 per syringe.

McDaniel suggests a consultation before any type of cosmetic treatment.

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