RICHMOND-Two accidents involving cars and bicycles, one with deadly consequences, are under investigation by police.

A bicyclist on the Eastern Shore died Tuesday when a driver didn't observe marked lanes, Va. State Police said. Last week in Gloucester County, a pick-up truck hit a bicyclist and kept going. The search is on for the driver.

Cyclists know it can be dangerous to be on the road with cars and some state lawmakers are trying to make it safer.

ASenate bill targeted motorists who open their car doors on unsuspecting cyclists.

Brian Smith, who runs East Coast Bike Shop in the Ghent section of Norfolk, said it's called dooring.

'It''s just something as a cyclist I always look out for it because you are less visible, you know, than a car coming down the road,' said Smith. 'It's a little easier for somebody to miss you.'

That legislation was shot down in a House of Delegates subcommittee.However, there's hope for another bill that would penalize drivers who follow cyclists too closely.

'There's always people passing too close and also people not respecting the fact you are supposed to ride in the lane and abide by all the traffic laws,' Smith added.

Smith stressed that bicyclists have responsibilities when they hit the road. He says bikers should having lights on the front and back of their bikes and they should wear reflective clothing.

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