CHESAPEAKE -- A Chesapeake woman is out hundreds of dollars after a tanning salon abruptly closed.

Jennie Reddeck purchased a membership with Carribbean Tan off Cedar Road last November, but when she went to retrieve the services in February the company had closed.

'For them to just walk out with my hard earned money its ridiculous,' said Reddeck.

Reddeck and her mother paid hundreds of dollars for a package upfront, looking forward to using the tanning services in the Spring.

Rosemary Nye with the Better Business Bureau warns people about these types of deals.

'There's nothing more frustrating than paying for something in advance...a service, a product to improve yourself and having the company go out business,' said Nye.

The BBB advises people to do the following to before signing for any services.

1. Research a company

2. Look for other local franchises or a corporation

3. Don't immediately accept paying for a service in full before the services are rendered

4. If a deal sounds too good to be true it probably is

Nye suggests asking a company if they'd be willing to accept another payment deal rather than paying for all services up front.

'If you do like what you find out you can ask the company if they would be willing to accept monthly fees,' said Nye.

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