HAMPTON -- A police report reveals new information about a fatal crash in Hampton that took the life of a Virginia Beach teen earlier this month.

Briana Luckenbill, 18, was killed in a six-car crash on I-64 on March 8. Troopers believe Luckenbill was a passenger in a car that was street racing.

According to the report, State Police had responded to another crash on I-64, which caused traffic to come to a stop on the highway.

'Because it was going down to one lane, traffic was super congested, because people were waiting until the last minute to merge. I had to hit my breaks kind of hard to make the stop in time,' driver Andrew Drapkin told 13News Now Wednesday.

Drapkin said it was hard for him to stop for backed-up traffic having just come over a hill.

'I was going 55 and I had to break kind of hard,' said Drapkin. 'I was at a complete stop and I looked in the rear view mirror and I just see headlights coming up the shoulder, and then the next thing I know, my car got hit.'

Drapkin was rear-ended in the crash.

Initially, Luckenbill's mother thought street racing may have played a part in the crash. Others disputed those claims on Facebook.

Although police reports show the car Luckenbill was riding in was speeding, Drapkin said he doesn't think that's what caused the accident.

'It definitely had more to do with the fact that it was backed up and right over a hill, rather than the fact that anybody may or may not have been racing,' said Drapkin.

State Police said once their investigation is complete they will release information about whether or not charges will be filed.

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