What is it? a stainless steel food chopper

What does it claim? to be the fastest and easiest way to slice and dice!

Who tested it? Russell Bryant, a Better Homes and Gardens Realtor who enjoys cooking

What Are The Instructions? Lift the container lid with the attached pusher and place food on your selected blade. If necessary, you should peel or trim produce before you put it on the blade cut side down. For taller produce, lift the container lid to the appropriate height before attempting to cut. The back of the product's instruction sheet also has tips and hints for slicing different types of fruit and vegetables. Now you're ready to start cutting. First, place both hands on the container lid with the attached pusher and press down quickly and firmly in one continuous motion. Be careful not to place your fingers under the lid. Ease of chopping may vary depending on the freshness and size of your fruit or vegetable. If food gets stuck in the pusher, clean between uses with a narrow and pointy utensil like a plastic fork.

If you need to switch blades, be sure to carefully lift it out of the base container at the notches.

Always make sure to hold the inserts at notches or by the green plastic board, never hold onto the blades.

To clean your Chop Magic, separate all the components then rinse the excess food from the pusher with hot water. Chop Magic is top-rack dishwasher safe, but if you decide to wash it by hand, be careful of the sharp blades.

Cost/Availability ? We purchased Chop Magic at Rite Aid for $19.99.

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