HAMPTON -- The mother of a man killed by Hampton Police says her son didn't have to die.

Pamela Adams' words come just days after The City of Hampton agreed to pay $500,000 to settle a case brought by the family of Hatchel P. 'Trey' Adams, III, who died December 11, 2009.

Adams says police treated her son like a criminal instead of a patient with a mental illness. He died in police custody after being tased multiple times.

While the city maintains that officers did nothing wrong, Adams says that's not true.

'None of the officers who served the emergency custody order had undergone Crisis Intervention Training on how to deal with a mentally ill person. They should have employed Crisis Intervention techniques to de-escalate the situation, but they did not,' she said. 'I trusted the Hampton Police Dept. to keep my son safe, and they did not.'

She went on. 'The police used excessive force on him by administering multiple tasings and multiple drive stuns and piled on top of him while pressing his face into the bed, all of which were procedure violations and what we believe ultimately led to his death.'

Click here to read Adams' account of events and initiatives the family would like implemented to prevent future incidents.

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