CAPE CHARLES -- The sleepy little town of Cape Charles on Virginia's Eastern Shore is seeing improvements in economic development and it all started with an upgrade to the town's marina.

'We have gone from 25 slips to now 130 places for boats to tie up,' said Harbormaster William 'Smitty' Dize.

There are 999 residents in Cape Charles, with 50 percent of the town's tax base coming from the Bay Creek golf and residential development.

John Dempster opened a restaurant called The Shanty at the marina. In the three years that the Shanty has been open, John has employed 45 full or part-time workers.

'Business has done so well that when I open today, I plan on staying open for ten months. And that's a first for me,' said Dempster.

The town council credits an incentive plan called the Technology Zone that encouraged development.

Bay Shore Construction took advantage of the incentive and gets reimbursed for certain expenditures related to technology. The company announced they were hiring 50 more workers.

'We are also looking into a concept called Tourism Zones,' said councilwoman Joan Natali, which reimburse developers of tourism-related sites through grant money.

Locals say they are open for business and feeling pretty good about their plan and vision for the future.

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