CHESAPEAKE -- Most of us are hoping the winter weather is behind us now that it is officially Spring. But all that snow and ice might actually be the source of some good news.

Joe Simmons with Chesapeake Mosquito Control Commission said the colder weather has delayed mosquito production.

'If it stays cold it will slow that process down. It will not stop it, it will not kill them (larvae), it will just slow down or maybe postpone the inevitable,' said Simmons.

He said the cold weather can kill off adult mosquitoes. His crews have noticed fewer in the area but they have found mosquito larvae.

'We've actually gone out and broken ice in some of the swamps and you can dip mosquito larvae under the ice,' said Simmons.

The City of Chesapeake will begin aerial spraying in about two to three weeks, depending on the weather, to kill the larvae and stop them from hatching.

Simmons said mosquitoes need water to thrive and with warmer weather these bugs can bounce back.

'It's two factors - it's the amount of water that's out there and the temperature. The warmer the water temperature, the faster mosquitoes will go through their life cycle,' said Simmons.

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