General Motors is set to begin repairing some recalled vehicles today. 2.6 million vehicles are at the center of GM's controversial recall. Owners of six models will be able to have dealers replace their ignition switch. But with that many people needing to get the problem fixed GM is recommending that you make an appointment.

Speaking of your car, it's going to cost you more to fill it up. Gas prices are again on the rise. Prices have risen five cents in just the past two weeks. The price for a gallon of regular is now at the highest price we've seen since July 2013

A new study just out by researchers at the Academy of Pediatrics reveals some surprising new numbers on childhood obesity. They found that an obese child will rack up $19,000 more in health care costs during a lifetime compared to someone growing up with a 'normal' weight.

A video game designer found a unique way to celebrate thirty years of 'Tetris.' He created a giant version of the game and invited people to come play it on the side of a 29-story Cira Center in Philadelphia.

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