7/30 UPDATE: Michael Spearman, 29, was in Norfolk General District Court Wednesday. A judge certified a charge of rape against Spearman to a grand jury for possible indictment. Two sodomy charges were withdrawn.

NORFOLK -- A preliminary hearing is scheduled Monday for a security guard accused of raping an Old Dominion University student.

Michael Spearman, 29, is charged with one count of rape and two counts of forcible sodomy.

Officers said the attack happened at The District, an off-campus apartment complex, around 1:30 a.m. on April 5. They added Spearman, who is employed by United American Security, was on duty when the alleged rape took place.

'We got to the same church. He goes to church, like, with his girlfriend and his kids, and so that's how I know him.He's really nice to me,' said Shailyse Hawkins, an ODU junior who lives in The District.

It's crazy, 'cause they're always around, and, so I actually feel safer when there's guards, 'cause there didn't used to be guards, and, now, hearing about that is crazy,'senior Morgan McCollum told said.

When contacted by 13News Now, United American Security said it had 'no comment' about the situation.

'It's really, honestly, it's scary, 'cause they're supposed to be here protecting us,' said ODU junior Nikeya Melton, who lives in The District. 'It's been kind of suspicious around here with them, 'cause they do watch you around here, so I'm not too, like, stunned to know that might have happened.'

Melton, recognizing it is an accusation only at this point, explained there may be a bigger issue amongst the security guards as a whole.

'They kind of congregate out here having, like, all kinds of conversations, inappropriate ones,' said Melton. 'I go to the gym a lot over here, and they'll walk past, and they're like, staring into the gym, I guess 'cause I'm a female, so they're coming, like, staring in at me or they're just, like, they're just creepy. I'm just creeped out by the security here, period.'

Another tenant, who asked to be called 'Amber' shared similar stories about the guards.

'There's been other instances of weird, very sexual remarks from the security guards about watching people in their windows,' she told 13News Now. 'They make weird comments. If girls are drunk, they'll say, 'Where you going, girl?' you know, just very uncomfortable. I've never felt safe from the security here.'

A spokesman for the company that owns The District issued the following statement:

The District has been made aware of a situation. This matter has been reported to law enforcement who are investigating. It is our understanding that an arrest has already been made. We are fully cooperating and assisting law enforcement. Out of respect and to avoid any interference with the investigation, we are making no further comment at this time. -- Will Rogers, Regional Supervisor, Asset Campus Housing

While ODU students primarily live at the complex, residents told 13News Now any college student is allowed to live at The District.

Spearman, who declined an interview request, is scheduled to appear in Norfolk General District Court on April 14.

If you have any information that might be helpful in this investigation, contact Old Dominion University Police at 757-683-4000.

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