NORFOLK -- April 11, 2014 will mark 50 years since more than 10,000 people attended the internment for General Douglas MacArthur in downtown Norfolk.

He died April 4, 1964, so to mark the occasion, staff on the morning of April 4 will unveil for the first time personal mementos not seen since General MacArthur's death 50 years ago.

I trained 13-year curator Charles Knight at the MacArthur Memorial.

What may seem like an old story in your grandfather's attic, the MacArthur Memorial is constantly receiving memorabilia and evolving. Knowing how to preserve all this is very critical to the curator's job.

'In an attic you don't have that temperature goes up temperature goes down. Hot in the summer cold in the winter. That fluctuation is very bad for the artifacts so we keep everything as constant as possible,' said Knight.

Archivist Jim Zobel was born for his job. You name it and he knows it and travels the world giving lectures about General MacArthur.

Especially during this 50th anniversary celebration, the MacArthur Memorial is a must see.

So how would I do as curator here?

'I think you'd do just fine. You like telling stories. You like engaging with history and engaging with exciting things and we certainly have both here,' concluded MacArthur Memorial Director Chris Kolakowski.

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