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NORFOLK -- Thursday was day two of homecomings forCarrier Air Wing ThreeaboardUSS Harry S. Truman.

The 'Swordsmen' of Strike Fighter Squadron32, the 'Ragin' Bulls' of VFA-37 and the 'Gunslingers' of VFA-105 arrived Thursday at NAS Oceana. The Swordsmen will fly in on12 F/A-18F 'Super Hornets, the Ragin' Bulls will be in 10 F/A-18C 'Hornets' and the Gunslingers are flying 12 F/A-18E 'Super Hornets.'

CMDR Larry Delong, the commanding officer of the Ragin' Bulls, said it was the longest deployment of his career and he's glad to be home with his family.

It was Lieutenant Zack Bokelamn's first deployment. His wife, Katie, greeted him with a rose Thursday morning.

'They're finally home,' said Katie Bokelman. 'There's nothing better than that.'

Also returning Thursday to Naval Station Norfolk Chambers Field were be the Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 126 'Seahawks' and their E-2C 'Hawkeye' aircraft and Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 7 'Dusty Dogs' flying MH-60S helicopters.

The 'Rawhides' of Fleet Logistics Support Squadron Forty Det. 4 and their two E-2C 'Greyhound' Carrier Onboard Delivery aircraft arrived at Naval Station Norfolk Chambers Field on Wednesday.

During the deployment, the 47 aircraft and crews took part in Operation Enduring Freedom and several multinational exercises in support of maritime security operations. The aircraft flew 38,345 flight hours and 13,679 sorties of which 2,902 were combat sorties. They accumulated 10,555 carrier arrested landings, or 'traps', and delivered 15 1,000 pound bombs while providing ground support with 2,000 rounds of 20mm ammunition.

The ships of the strike group are due home Friday.

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