VIRGINIA BEACH -- I was training with Jeanette Kohler, who drove a Virginia Beach school bus for several years, but now is an assistant on bus for kids with special needs.

There were 3 passengers.

'Brandon 19. Kee Kee 18. Danny 20,' said Kohler.

Jeanette loves here job.

'The interaction with them. They make me laugh, smile. If I ever feel down, they just brighten my day,' said Kohler.

Training as an assistant starts at transportation headquarters.

'One day in the classroom and two days on a special needs bus. You'll learn how to tie down wheelchairs, safety vests, car seats, learn how to use the lift,' said Trainer Sherry Scott.

Drivers like Priscilla Scott appreciate the help.

'Helping me with my wheelchair children. Keeping the kids entertained while I'm driving so that we don't get into any kind of crazy accidents,' Scott said.

As we were zipping around our route, I asked how they thought I would do as a special needs school bus assistant?

'Joe Flanagan would do great,' concluded Scott.

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