VIRGINIA BEACH -- A Virginia Beach family is mourning the loss of their dog, Jaxx, and they fear it drank antifreeze placed outdoors to kill foxes.

Kevin Hunt lives in Alanton and says there are six or seven wild foxes that roam their neighborhood. His greatest concern is that people are using antifreeze to get rid of the foxes and Jaxx got loose and drank some of it.

'It has a sweet flavor to animals,' said Ben O'Kelly, of Beach Veterinary Emergency Center, where Hunt took his dog.

State laws have been passed requiring manufacturers to add a bittering agent to their antifreeze. Virginia is one of those states, but there has been no federal law passed.

'We want to get the word out for people not to try to poison wildlife in their neighborhoods. We don't want other families to go through what we are going through,' Hunt said.

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