PORTSMOUTH -- Police are looking for the person responsible for a shooting Sunday that put part of Port Norfolk on lockdown.

Officers went to the 900 block of Douglas Avenue around 3 p.m. where they found a man who had been shot.

Someone, who did not want to provide his name, told 13News Now he was walking in the neighborhood when the shooting happened just a few feet in front of him.

'I see a little bit of ruckus, a guy in a head lock, sitting there, screaming, 'Call the cops! Call the cops!' explained the witness. 'Another fellow came up and put one in his back and the next thing looked at me, and I told him I didn't see anything.'

He added that the shooter jumped in a car and took off.

'I laid him [shooting victim] on his side, made sure he could breathe,' the witness said. 'He asked for a cigarette, so he apparently was breathing pretty good.'

After securing the scene, officers spread out through the neighborhood.

Investigators gathered evidence up and down North Street.

Soon, officers converged at the corner of North Street and Cambridge Avenue, where police believed the shooter might have been hiding inside a house.

The SWAT team moved in, but left after it didn't find the suspected shooter.

Doctors operated on the victim Sunday. The victim remained in critical condition Monday.

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