Brown Dog Ice Cream in Cape Charles on Virginia's Eastern Shore is only three years old but owner Miriam Elton is on to something.

Elton makes her own flavors, relying on peaches and sweet corn from Shockley Picketts Harbor Farm. Eastern Shore Coastal Roasting Coffee is her most popular flavor!

A local family grows jalapenos and Elton uses them in her Pancho Verde ice cream. It tastes great!

'The actual making depends on the flavor but once it's frozen it has to freeze for almost 24 hours before I can serve it,' said Elton.

When I visited at lunchtime they were busy and all they serve is homemade ice cream. And yes, there really is a brown dog. Foster is Elton's Lab and namesake.

She has a great group of kids working for her shop. One by one I had them show me their stuff as I reacquainted myself with the same job I had when I was their age.

'You got to be patient. sometimes the cones break and it gets frustrating but you just got to push through,' said Chris Silvey.

Some of the ice cream clerks have been here from the beginning.

The shop is a big hit in this town that is seeing a summer resurgence.

'I'm not a big ice cream eater but obviously my whole family is. We've even brought my in-laws in here from San Diego, California as well,' said visitor Tiffany Huddleston.

So how would I do returning to a job dipping ice cream here?

'I think anytime you want a job you have one,' said Elton..

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