VIRGINIA BEACH Two days are left until a Virginia Beach family gets to walk into their new home, courtesy Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

On Thursday, the makeover team put the call out for more local workers.

An 'appreciation march' was held Thursday. Hundreds of people donated food and bought t-shirts to support the efforts.

Carpenter Paige Hemmis of the Extreme Makeover show used to live in Ghent. She also asked for help.
'It looks gorgeous on the outside. On the inside, we actually need some help,' Hemmis said.

Tanesha Uko, daughter of homeowner Beverly Hill even flew in from Texas.

'When I got to the neighborhood and saw all the trucks and stuff, I was like 'aaah.' So I don't know what to think, but the atmosphere almost overshadows the house,' described Uko. 'This is how every day should be everywhere.'

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