NEWPORT NEWS For more than a year, Tamara Coward's 2002 Hyundai Sonata hadn't moved from its space on Marshall Avenue in Newport News.

It broke down and she didn't have the $3,500 to fix it. She says the vehicle fits the profile for a Hyundai recall of vehicles with sub-frame corrosion problems, but no one will repair it.

'I have a hole about the size of a baseball in the frame of my vehicle. It's been a major inconvenience because I'm absolutely stranded,' she said.

Coward called the 13News Troubleshooters after Hyundai referred her case to Tysinger Hyundai dealership in Hampton but did not authorize any repairs under the recall.

Tysinger's 2009 diagnosis confirmed Coward's Sonata had sub-frame corrosion.

The recall by Hyundai was for model years 2001-2004 and they had to be originally sold in so-called snow states like West Virginia, where Coward's car was originally sold.

'I just wanted somebody to get Hyundai to explain to me why they won't fix my car,' she stated.

Tysinger President Mark Tysinger explained that repairs can't be made in recall cases without the manufacturer's approval.

No one there could explain why Coward's car did not qualify for the recall.

So, 13News contacted Hyundai and Tysinger about Coward's car and an agreement was finally reached.

Tysinger towed the car, made the repairs and threw in a new battery and tires.

With the year-long fight behind her, she's looking forward to the future.

'I've been fighting this fight a long time and I couldn't get anyone to speak to me until you guys spoke to them. Then, I think they realized I really am not going to go away. I'm very happy Tysinger stepped up to the plate and did the right thing,' she said.

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