What is it? an Auto Pet Seat Cover that protects your vehicle from dirt, dander and damage.

What does it claim? to be waterproof and keep your car seat clean from pet hair, dirt and dander!

Who tested it? Norfolk resident and the owner of Norfolk K-9 Academy Lisa Rapacki and Rex, one of her four dogs.

What Are The Instructions? First, you need to install your pet cover. It's designed for the rear bench seat and cargo area. You need to first drape the cover over the back seats of your car with the adjustable straps on top.

Then open each of the snap closure straps and loop it around the back head rests, close when done. Make sure that the seat belt slits are aligned with the seat belt buckles. Using the slider, adjust length of each strap around the back of the head rest if necessary.

Pull the seat belt buckles through the slits if needed. It's important to note the slits are over-sized due to individual vehicles. You may keep the seat belt buckles under the cover when your pet is in the car. If riding in the back seat with your pet, choose the appropriate seat belt slit to pull it through to fasten the seat belt.

The seat features a zipper that can be opened to closed depending on the size of the back seat. For narrower vehicles, leave the zipper closed.

You may also use this pet cover in the cargo area of your vehicle. Simple lay it flat to protect the floor of your cargo area.

If your Pet Zoom Loungee needs to be cleaned, you can do that by wiping away dirt, dander or any other residue with a damp sponge, cloth or paper towel as soon as possible. For bigger messes, machine wash in cold water with mild detergent. Always line dry, do NOT place it in the dryer.

Did it work? Our tester was impressed. She normally has to get her SUV cleaned professionally twice a month. But with the Pet Zoom Loungee she says she won't have to do that as often. She liked how well it stayed put on the seat and she also liked how strong the fabric was but how soft it felt. She plans to get several of them to have one available at all times in case one needs to be washed.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase the Pet Zoom Loungee for $14.99 at area Walgreens stores.

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