NEWPORT NEWS--For the second time this year, storms flooded the Virginia Living Museum in Newport News.

Water from Deer Park Lake gushed over the three flood gates and through the front doors of the museum's main building and the Wason Education Center early Saturday morning. More than 40,000 square feet of carpet had to be removed.

Museum spokesperson Judy Triska said classrooms were damaged and will have to be gutted.

Museum Executive Director Paige Hayburst says that flooding like this has never happened in the 40 years that the Museum has been open.

'The gates were designed for a catastrophic storm like a hurricane, but with 12 inches of rain we didn't expect a thunderstorm to cause this much flooding,' she said.

At noon Monday, a broom brigade formed to clean debris from the outdoor boardwalk and lake.

The museum remained closed as damage assessment continues. Officials say it could easily exceed half a million dollars.

No museum animals were harmed.

The facility is set to reopen Tuesday.

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