HAMPTON-- An ex-felon will be voting for the first time after having his voting rights restored Sunday, one day before the registration deadline.

Roam Wilson was convicted of malicious wounding 26 years ago and served three years in prison.

He was released in 1986 and has worked for the City of Hampton for the last 12 years.

Wilson decided to petition Gov. McDonnell to have his voting rights restored.

'All these years I was saying I never could vote. I thought to myself I'd never get a chance to vote but I'm going to be able to vote this year,' said Wilson.

He received a phone call on Sunday and was told that his voting rights had been reinstated.

He registered to vote Monday with his youngest daughter, who will also be voting for the first time.

'I said this year if I wasn't able to vote I was not going to vote, because I wanted my first time voting to be with my dad,' said Jeronda.

Wilson feels he's finally able to rejoin society by voting.

'I just hope that a lot of people realize that even though they made those mistakes they can get out of it again and get their life together,' said Wilson.

Wilson hopes his story will inspire people to never give up.

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