NEWPORT NEWS-- Police say a 13-year-old boy was killed and his 15-year-old friend was wounded Sunday afternoon.

Police found Lamonee Johnson-Chisholm at 31st Street and Orcutt Avenue around 4:15 p.m., along with a 15-year-old from Hampton who'd been shot in the arm.

Officers said Johnson-Chisholm, who lived on Roanoke Avenue in Newport News, had been shot in the back.

His mother said Monday the boys had gotten a call to meet two girls.

'He said 'Mommy, they shot me. You gotta come find me,'' said Quintonia Chisholm.

'I'm a counselor by profession, so I find myself having to hug and having to talk about it,' said Ross Hailey, a Recreation Specialist at Doris Miller Community Center where Johnson-Chisholm played basketball regularly. 'There's never a discussion in depth, how it hurts, when you hear about a friend dying.'

Troy Salaam has 3 children, including a son who is a couple years younger than Johnson-Chisholm.

'I think that the community kind of knows that things are getting out of control or something's going on before somebody's, actually, killed or shot,' Salaam told 13News. 'It escalates to a point where somebody, actually, get hurt, and, then, everybody cries out, and Ithink that's a problem, 'cause they should be doing something ahead of time.'

The investigation continues. If you know anything that can help, call Crime Line at 1-888- LOCK -U-UP.

Newport News Schools says Johnson-Chisholm was an 8th grader at Enterprise Academy.

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