NORFOLK--Several police units were in front of elementary schools across Norfolk Friday.

A police dispatcher told 13News the officers were there to ease any anxiety the children may have from the deadly school shootings in Newtown, Ct.

Officials at Norfolk schools said that several precautions are in place in city schools to protect children during the school day.

Spokeswoman Elizabeth Theil Mather said that all school doors are expected to be locked during the school day. She said that schools have buzzers or intercoms at the front door for visitors to check in with the office.

Mather said that at arrival and dismissal, schools may unlock a front door to allow walkers and dropping-off parents access, but school staff members are assigned to monitor the entrance. Bus-loading doors are also opened and monitored by staff.

Schools do conduct safety drills, and have policies and procedures in place to deal with intruders and other emergencies, according to Mather.

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