NORFOLK-- Mixed precipitation and poor visibility at Baltimore/Washington International led Southwest Airlines to divert 14 planes to Norfolk International Airport Monday.

'Altogether, I've been out and about for close to 10 hours,' Linda Spain said late in the afternoon as she waited to board a bus.

Southwest arranged for the transportation by bus for the people passengers who were unable to reach BWI by plane.

'I missed my niece graduation, and I was so upset about that, but, all in all, it was safe, you know, and we landed okay, then, I'm not so upset,' Spain told 13News.

Southwest Airlines spokesman Brad Hawkins said weather caused 2-hour to 4-hour delays for travel along the East Coast. Besides diverting planes, Southwest canceled 3 flights bound for Norfolk and 2 outbound flights.

'They have been super. Their staff has been so upbeat and very apologetic,' offered J. A. Brennan who flies weekly from Orlando to Baltimore. 'Their team is just working their buns off, and, 'cause it's a small Southwest hub here, and a ton of planes came in.'

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