What is it? a non-choking, six-foot long dog leash that attaches to any collar

What does it claim? to be the gentle way to train your dog to be a perfect walker by instantly training it to stop pulling

Who tested it? Chesapeake resident and dog owner Julie Kalaikai

What Are The Instructions? You start by attaching the Instant Trainer Leash to your dog's collar. Then adjust the O-ring location by loosening the cross bar on the leash and sliding the ring. The O-ring should be placed about 3/4 the way down your dog's back. Next, tighten the cross bar and pull the leash slightly. Now hold the O-ring in place and loop the handle around the hips and under the abdomen. Pull the handle of the leash through the O-ring and pull to make it snug. Now you're instant trainer and your dog are ready to go for a walk.

Did it work?Kalaikaithought it did a pretty good job, but it didn't 'instantly' train her puppy Koa to stop pulling like it claimed. With the Instant Trainer Leash, he eventually stopped pulling as much, but it wasn't instantaneous. That said, she still thought it was a product worth buying. She would make a few changes to it if she could, like making the instructions easier to understand and making the leash a little longer so Koa would have some room to roam.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase the Instant Trainer Leash for $9.99 at Target.

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