NORFOLK - Getting caught at railroad crossings is a fact of life in Hampton Roads as trains move cargo in and out of the region.

For one driver, Monday's stop on Granby Street at Wards Corner went on too long and he decided to do something about it.

Chris Harris drives for Federal Express. He says he waited half an hour and never saw a train. He checked both ways and there was no train in sight.

After seeing an ambulance stuck in the traffic, he got out of his truck and lifted up one gate arm. A 14-year-old Norfolk middle school student helped him lift the arm on the other side. Once up, the traffic moved and the backup went away.

Norfolk Southern confirms to 13News that it is their crossing arm and they are looking into the situation. Company officials say if you notice a problem at a railroad crossing, you can report it. You can call (800) 453-2530. Before you call, you should write down the identifying number on the crossing arm pole, along with the street where it's located.

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