NORFOLK--Representatives from 84 businesses came together Thursday to get life-saving disaster training.

Norfolk Police Officer Brian Jones thinks the event was packed because of what has been making headlines, violence at schools and workplaces.

Jones said there were restaurant owners and employees from daycare facilities, all ready to learn.

Wayne Lee runs hotel security at one of the local large chains. Now that he feels older he says he feels more vulnerable too.

Jennifer Pratt is a branch manager at a federal credit union.'We have been robbed so this is good thing to take back to our staff,' said Pratt.

Michael Harrington has a furniture business and says his staff works late hours and he worries about them.

'You don't want to have a situation where you could have, should have said or done something,' said Harrington.

Today they got to see the gear used to respond to a crisis and learned tactics to get an emergency action plan destined for their staff. The biggest tip they learned is to designate only one entry and exit point.

Harrington said he left feeling like it was time well spent.'So we're going to go back and have a conversation about this,' he said.

Jones said it was one of the biggest turnouts they had ever had at the meeting.

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