VIRGINIA BEACH-- For the second year in a row, the Virginia Beach Fire Department won Virginia's top award for response.

The Virginia Fire Chiefs Association gave the award for their efforts at the jet crash last April. It was Good Friday when the Navy FA-18 crashed into the Mayfair Mews Apartments on Birdneck Rd.

'You saw a lot of things go right that day by fate or whatever you might call it. Again, I think the professionalism of our people played out as well,' Chief Steve Covar said.

The Virginia Beach Fire Department credits their training and citizens on the scene who helped as well.

'You heard someone say, 'help us move a hose,' and they all move the hose. Then someone said 'now stand out of the way,' and they did that as well. So the community came together as well as all the public safety agencies,' said W.R. Journigan, Virginia Beach Fire Dept. Operations.

Last year, Virginia Beach Fire Department won the Governor's award for responding to the girl struck by the boat propeller. 'It truly showed all the training over the years. You pray that you never have to use it, but it had to be used. And it did work,' Mayor Will Sessoms said.

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